As an essential manufacturing company, Sharon-Cutwell will work to maintain normal operations.

Tools that can cut anything. Even time.

Cut costs, save money—it’s the continual battle. So you look for less expensive tooling options, which may or may not be the answer in the long run. But what if the solution wasn’t a cheaper tool, but rather a better process? That’s the first step in the Sharon-Cutwell® approach. Over the past 70 years, we’ve seen virtually every conceivable tooling application. And rather than simply providing the tool you think you want, we’ll suggest process changes to help you reduce your manufacturing cycle times and deliver greater throughput. Then we’ll design the best tool for that process. You may call it a tool. We call them time machines.

Our roots run deep.

Today’s state-of-the-art, custom cutting tool business started in 1945 as a tool sharpening vendor to some of the biggest manufacturers in southeastern Wisconsin. Quality, reliability, accuracy and timely delivery continue to make Sharon-Cutwell a trusted business partner. Whether you need a specialized, one-of-a-kind solution or an ongoing cutting tool program precisely timed to your manufacturing program needs, do it right—do it Cutwell.


Patented* WAVE-POINT® Technology.

Sharon-Cutwell® developed WAVE-POINT Technology to solve the drilling challenges inherent to highly engineered carbon fiber composites. The study of the cutting process including hole quality, tolerances and tool life led to its innovative design, founded on a unique tool tip configuration that doesn’t simply cut carbon fiber, but rather carves the material in order to eliminate delamination. This dramatically minimizes exit burrs.

WAVE-POINT Technology—coupled with an exclusive diamond coating—enables higher operating speeds and longer tool life. All of which help cut time out of manufacturing processes.

* US Patent 9,662,717 B2


What do you need your cutting tool to do?

That should be the first question your cutting tool supplier asks you. Today, designing and manufacturing cutting tools for metalworking, woodworking and specialized composite materials is becoming increasingly complex. Challenging materials, intricate geometries, multiple component sizes and specialized needs require a partner with the engineering talent and equipment to solve difficult projects. Our cutting tools solve unique manufacturing problems by transferring complexity from the job to the tool. If we know what you want to do or the problems you seek to avoid, we can design a solution that meet all critical criteria. The result is precise and consistent cutting tool performance with exceptional tool life. All of which ultimately saves time and money.

Sharon-Cutwell® is heavily invested in the newest CNC technology, precision measuring devices and 3-D design software. More important, our associates possess the knowledge, skill and dedication to craft unique cutting tools to exacting specifications. With an average employee tenure of more than 12 years, you can trust the quality and performance of Cutwell metalworking tools.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

We craft our cutting tools in solid carbide, brazed carbide/steel and high-speed steel in both non-coolant and coolant-through configurations. A broad range of coating options is available to meet specific performance expectations.


To manufacture the best products, start with cutting tools worthy of your reputation.

You manufacture parts that need to be milled, drilled, reamed or routed. It’s not just a product—it’s your reputation. That’s why some of the world’s leading manufacturers rely on Sharon-Cutwell®. We manufacture, service, and sharpen, the highest quality cutting tools to meet the most demanding metal cutting, composite and wood cutting applications. The tools we craft are designed to perform specialized and sometimes complicated functions. Our design team will dive deep into details about what you need the tool to do and create a cutting tool solution that will maximize tool life and quality. We will then guide you on how to apply the solution. We pair your vision with our expertise to design the optimal cutting tool for the application.


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Available positions

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“We understand that it is the combination of tool performance, tool value and superior customer service that defines success in our business.”

— Jeff Prom, President


What can Sharon-Cutwell® do for you? Contact us to discuss your manufacturing process and needs. Our tooling expertise and unique solutions will help you run a better business.

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As an essential manufacturing company, Sharon-Cutwell will work to maintain normal operations.

Sharon-Cutwell Co. is considered an essential manufacturing company and will remain operational during the COVID-19 crisis. The cutting tools we manufacture directly support the manufacturing of products in industries and companies that are part of the “Critical Infrastructure Sectors” as defined by the US Department of Homeland Security. These include but are not limited to the United States defense, aerospace and heavy construction equipment industries. Our customers in these industries include Boeing, Department of Defense, Lockheed, Collins Aerospace, General Atomics, Caterpillar and more. We consider it a blessing and a responsibility to be able to serve the Critical Infrastructure of our nation at this time of great sacrifice in our country.

We have been in contact with our key suppliers to ensure they understand their important role in the Critical Industries supply chain; we have been assured they will continue to support our operations. We expect that all of our suppliers will fall under the same essential classification in support of these Critical Infrastructure Sectors. If any of our suppliers anticipate any disruption to the flow of products or services to Sharon-Cutwell Co. we must be notified immediately.

Essential employees will continue manufacturing operations while others work remotely—their health and well-being are our first concern.

Know that we appreciate the support and relationships with our suppliers and customers. We are committed to doing our part to support our country and each other as we fight through this challenging time.

Jeff Prom
President, Sharon-Cutwell Co.