Advanced Composite Drilling

How to increase drilling speeds and tool life to increase throughput by more than 7X!

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Aerospace Launch Accelerator

Process development, tooling, testing and launching a new Aerospace drilling project can be extremely complicated and time consuming. Sharon-Cutwell has the launch process down to a science. The Aerospace Launch Accelerator quickly develops, tests and qualifies cutting tools for your challenging Aerospace drilling project – saving you time, money and unnecessary frustration.

  • Phase 1: Requirement Definition

  • Phase 2: Process Definition, Tool Design & Quote

  • Phase 3: Tool Delivery, Tool Testing & Process Qualification

  • Phase 4: Production Launch Support

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Where We Excel

Complex materials with challenging requirements, this is Sharon-Cutwell’s sweet spot. Simply put, we are experts at making precision holes in the toughest materials and applications.

Sharon-Cutwell developed Wave-Point™ Technology to solve the drilling challenges inherent to highly engineered carbon fiber c