In 1945, we did something that most people said not to:

We started our company in the middle of nowhere.

But we knew it was the best choice we could make, and we were right.

“There are definitely some benefits to working in an industrial area,” said Jeff Prom, President of Sharon-Cutwell. “But when it comes to innovation, we’ve found that being surrounded by acres Wisconsin farmland allows us to really get creative.”

Here are 6 reasons why working in an isolated area is amazing:

  1. Allows us to work without distraction
  2. We set our own standards of excellence
  3. Gives us the ability to problem solve without outside noise/influence/interference
  4. We have more solid relationships because we had to seek them out
  5. We invested in technology instead of overhead
  6. Pick from hardworking, family oriented true American workforce – work ethic is huge

“I know it’s unconventional, and most people don’t associate ‘the middle of nowhere’ with technical revolution,” Prom said. “But for us, and our customers, it really works.”

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