Launched in 2020, the Sharon-Cutwell Process Development Center (PDC) is our internally developed R&D center focused on driving tool innovation and process improvements – both for our clients and our own internal tool development.

We created the PDC after noticing there was a largely an unmet need out there to solve these types of problems and create product bring advancements in a non-production environment.

Fully staffed with dedicated personnel, the PDC features the latest machining, measurement and analysis equipment, including:

  • Two dedicated machining centers – MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) and HPC (high-pressure coolant)
  • Pro-Micron Spike Unit for force measurements and analysis
  • Alicona – advanced inspection & wear analysis
  • High-speed video – Process visualization
  • Additional inspection equipment

With these tools, we drive innovation and process improvements into our customers applications and their processes and help to solve the more challenging hole-making and machining problems that we find in industry.

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