While the tooling solutions we create are used around the world, we rarely leave Sharon Cutwell’s home turf in Wisconsin. When we do, we usually don’t leave the states. That changed this spring when we traveled across the pond to visit Europe.
In a trip that included many customer visits and showcasing at the Paris Air Show, Cutwell Owner Jeff Prom and Director of Technology and Innovation Scott Prom were able to deepen our growing European relationships and net numerous new opportunities. Here’s what they did on their European adventure.
Paris Air Show:
Sharon-Cutwell had a booth and exhibited at this year’s Paris Air Show – the world’s largest Aerospace and Defense trade show. It’s where all the latest advancements in Commercial, Defense, Military and Space are on full display. We were able to have many high-level conversations with executives and decision makers for current and potential customers, including:

  • Lockheed Martin F-35: We were visited by (2) high level Lockheed execs from the F-35 program. They were told “you have to check out Sharon-Cutwell.”
  • Met with ST Engineering. We make a number of tools for ST, and we are looking forward to working more with them in the future.
  • Raphe mPhibr LTD is an Indian company making 2,000 drones per year that are used to take payload off freighter ships. They can carry 500 lbs. of cargo. Because they use a lot of composites, they are looking to Sharon-Cutwell for better ways to drill holes.

British Invasion!
Following the Paris Air Show, Jeff Prom traveled to the United Kingdon where he had seven visits with Aerospace Companies over four days. There is a lot of aerospace work done in the UK and we were well received every place we went. Here are a few highlights:

  • At BAE Systems (UK’s largest defense contractor), we performed a test drill on a new military drone program they’re working on. Their production schedule was cut in half due to the war in Ukraine so they are doing everything possible to get this in the air.
  • We spent a lot of time at the UK home of Electroimpact. EI, a machine-builder we already work with in the U.S., is largely responsible for getting us into many countries around the world. They have a substantial presence in the UK. They are being extremely accommodating to us and doing everything they can to get us into programs they are working on. It is truly a win/win partnership where we can help make their equipment work better – and we get the business.

So, what’s next for Sharon Cutwell? Well, it’s back to work here in Belgium, Wisconsin! While it’s nice to visit the Aerospace community, our high-tech cutting tool solutions are what the world needs to take the Aerospace industry to new heights.