Drilling Solutions for Aerospace Machine Builders

You build amazing drilling machines. We make precision drills that tackle the toughest challenges. Together, your machines and our drills will take performance to a whole new level. From fully automated to robotic to high-performance power feed drilling, our team of hole-making engineers will help you design, test and manufacture perfect, precision drills for your machines.

By partnering with Sharon-Cutwell to develop a specialized solution for your aerospace customer you will gain access to our years of drilling experience in composites and aerospace alloys, including complex stacks of materials. Our team of hole-making engineers have decades of experience drilling and assembling the worlds most complex aerostructures.

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Where We Excel

Complex materials with challenging requirements, this is Sharon-Cutwell’s sweet spot. Simply put, we are experts at making precision holes in the toughest materials and applications.

Sharon-Cutwell developed Wave-Point™ Technology to solve the drilling challenges inherent to highly engineered carbon fiber composites. The study of the cutting process including hole quality, tolerances and tool life led to its innovative design, founded on a unique tool tip configuration that doesn’t simply cut carbon fiber, but rather carves the material in order to eliminate delamination. This dramatically minimizes exit burrs.

Wave-Point™ Technology—coupled with an exclusive diamond coating enables higher operating speeds and longer tool life. All of which help cut time out of manufacturing processes.

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Aerospace Launch Accelerator

Process development, tooling, testing and launching a new Aerospace drilling project can be extremely complicated and time consuming. Sharon-Cutwell has the launch process down to a science. The Aerospace Launch Accelerator quickly develops, tests and qualifies cutting tools for your challenging Aerospace drilling project – saving you time, money and unnecessary frustration.